Prof. Umesh Dhiman

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Message From Principal's Desk

Dear Students,

        It is the superme Art of the teacher to awaken joy creative expression

       The above noted vision statement of Einstein bestow the teaching profession with a mission to awake the dormanted creativeness in every individual.Yes,eduction is liberation of thoughts,flight of mind, a drive into the inner recesses of civilzation and an ushering in of peaceful existence.Teacher possesses cornucopia of knowledge.Guru is the chosen one who can create soldiers to conquer the castles of success.He can carve an ambassador of peace out of an aggresssive soul.

        The world today is marching through a maze of global turbulence and tyranny.No sensitive mind can afford to have a tension free sleep at night.Let us pray to the almighty for a good sense to prevail.The teacher can be a good sourse for it.With his perception, deep vision and pure thoughts,he can act as the harbinger of peace, perfection.He can create a climate where people can breathe freely,live happily and harmoniously.

        Dear students, you are going to be the teachers the masons of tomorrow.You are to bring Eden on earth.Be firm in mind and broad in thought.Be gently at heat and storng at hand.Let us think of mutual welfare.Let the stream of love our hearts.Let anger,pride,haterd,lust and greed be drowned in that stream.The true strengh can only be acquired through love and Sympathy.Let us try to be the true 'Gurus'.